Why I share

May 6, 2018 • ☕️ 2 min read

“Love makes the world go round.”

For most of my short life knowledge has been either a thing I’ve used to shield me or to hide away. I learned the power of knowledge at home and had it beaten out of me at school. I went to 6 different primary schools because of this. plainly put, I have a complex relationship with it.

Along the way, as the spaces I found myself in no longer matched how I felt, I learned to share as a means of creating a mask. Creating ourselves as a response to negativity from the outside world tends to create a toxic self; this is how I found myself for a few years. This changed when I met a very special person in my life. Through love, the mask broke and I had to remake myself.

Masai Women. Caption

These days I share because I love. I love to help others create themselves from a place of healing and care. No longer because I need to be affirmed as knowing. Free thought and free speech have been perverted many times by people seeking to absolve themselves from taking responsibility for what they put into the world. When we share our thoughts and knowledge with the intention to build others, we create a feedback loop that empowers others and heals. This is my intention with all that I share. I one day I do anything other than this, I hope I have built quality relationships that will pull me back into place.

Here’s some further reading and viewings I bumped into this week.

Thanks for reading; be you, be great!