Weekly Hello! #30 — Your Dreams Should Scare You

Weekly Hello! #30 — Your Dreams Should Scare You
A snapshot of the #31LessonsIn31Days series

Hey friend,

I did it. I completed my 31LessonsIn31Days series. By the end of this day, I will have made and shared 92 videos in 31 days. It should be 93, but I missed a single upload. That is 3 videos each and every day. I remember recording the first video. It took me a few reshoots, many script rewrites in my mind and at least 30 minutes to edit. My latest video was a single take and took 5 minutes to edit. Hard-won improvements.

Although I didn't set out to do it, I have become a better storyteller and orator. Something which I know will transfer throughout my life, simply because I was willing to show up daily. As the views and engagement slowed, I showed up, and as the ideas started to seem uninteresting, I still shared them.

At times your dreams will feel impossible and tremendously laborious, but that doesn't mean that you're doing a poor job, it points to what you're pursuing is worth your investment. It's similar to being a parent; if you're tired and it's difficult, it shows that you're engaged and points to being a good parent.

Now that I have completed this journey, I feel ready to take one that scares me more than most; over the next 2.5 months, I'll be completing 75Hard. If you don't know about it already, it is a 75-day challenge with 5 rules:

  1. Two 45-minute workouts: one indoor and one outdoors, regardless of weather.
  2. Follow a diet: clean eating, no alcohol or cheat meals.
  3. Drink 1 gallon of water: that's 3.8 litres in metric.
  4. Read 10 pages of non-fiction: audiobooks do not count.
  5. Take a progress picture: face yourself and document where you are.

There's one more rule. If you are unable to check off anything on the list, you start back at day 1. Quite intimidating, and that's exactly why I know need to do it.
I can't wait to see how I feel and look on the 14th of October.

Wish me luck!


If you're keen to join in, let me know, maybe we can start a WhatsApp accountability group!