Weekly Hello! #29 — Through the Lens of Abundance

Weekly Hello! #29 — Through the Lens of Abundance
Wayfarer Outlook

I can cleanly divide my life into 2 eras based on a single question I was asked by my wife early into our relationship, "What if things worked out?"

An aspect of growing up poor that is not often mentioned is how it robs you of hope and trust in the world. You learn very early on that you only have yourself to rely upon, which sounds like an Instagram hustler's wet dream, but there is something insidious at play in that rationalisation. There is a great deal of beauty in people who take responsibility for their circumstances and the realisation of certain outcomes in their lives. Still, there is a thin line between extreme ownership and hyperindividualism.

Extreme ownership is the acceptance that reality is as it is, and that you must take action and accountability to create the type of change that is required, while hyperindividualism is the tendency for people to understand themselves as separate entities rather than as members of collectives or groups.

One offers a sense of autonomy and the ability to take part in a greater group seeking improvement, while the other slowly turns all that is external into the enemy. One mindset dares you to ask, "What if I took it upon myself to be part of the solution?" while the other asks, "If the world never provisioned for you, why should you provision for it?"
Neither of these perspectives is objective reality, both make assumptions about the world within which we operate; you either assume the Universe is an enemy or an accomplice.

The result of assuming that the Universe is conspiring in your favour is not only that you gain quiet confidence in the eventuality of your dreams, but you also avoid becoming a person who has resigned themselves to suffer their "fate" because you realise that your inner world defines your external one. If you view the world as against you, you need to work infinitely harder against the world and all those within it to create the conditions for Your success. When one person succeeds, your fear for Your chances. When a circumstance befalls you, it has happened to You. You've escaped one jail by building one that you operate yourself. These are the mindsets of poverty which aid in keeping people poor, even when their financial circumstances are no longer aligned with that belief.

So today I ask you, what would happen if you believed that things will work out for you? What if the world wasn't against you, what would you do?


The TikTok series is going strong and in fact, I have a video addressing this very matter; please check it out when you get a chance.


Replying to @Kitso Matlhape, JD. day 21: live in abundance. You already have everything you need to get where youre going. #31lessonsin31days #birthdaymonth

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