Tiny betrayals

Tiny betrayals
Photo by Brina Blum / Unsplash

When was the last you missed a work deadline? Skipped a meeting without telling anyone? Bailed on plans without profusely apologising? And yet, how often have you done the converse for yourself — failed to start a new habit on the date your promised yourself? Ignored your alarm? Constantly move your workout to the following day without a second thought? We commit small betrayals against ourselves so often, with such little considerations, is it even a wonder we’re so distrusting of ourselves?

Why are you so willing to show up for others, but so little for yourself?
Why do you have so much empathy for others, but are filled with apathy when it comes to your own needs?
Why are you so unimportant to yourself? Unimportant in the ways that matter most.

Every time you fail to show up for yourself, without having truly tried, you erode your self-confidence — you take a chisel to your trust, carving out more space for apathy. What would happen if you took more interest in your needs? If you not only glanced at what was lacking but committed to repairing it?

How will you show up for yourself today?