Weekly Hello! #31 — Debts of gratitude

Many of the liberties that we now get to take for granted — access to education, property ownership, and the right to vote — were so recently won. Won, not awarded. And do the children know this? Should they know this? What happens if they do not know this?

Weekly Hello! #27 — Reframing rest

... I now recognise that if I only have 2 hours, I have less than 2 hours of productivity in my day. Not only am I robbing myself of the rest I deserve, but I am also taking away energy from my goals and plans.

Weekly Hello! #22 — Addiction vs Commitment!

... Maybe I'm overthinking things? What I know is, I don't want to exchange one prison for another, even if this new prison is lined with marble and gold. A life driven by compulsions is a poor life by most measures, and what I seek is freedom.