Personal stories

Weekly Hello! #24 — So disappointed

... I do not mention all of this to fearmonger; I'm truthfully terrified. I watched my grandma lose both legs and her vision, so the centimetre I have gained around my waist over the past 2 weeks is not just 1 centimetre, it's a plume of smoke.

Weekly Hello! #18 — The thing with defaults

... Lower the friction to performing the habit and reduce the intensity of a repetition. Take exercise as an example; I have lowered the friction by defining a workout not only by a visit to the gym but by any method of movement I can accomplish within 15 minutes.

The journey of R100

My current journey started with a R100 that helped me escape an environment that would have stifled my dreams and ambitions. Your environment can push you closer to opportunity or be the leading cause of the demise of your dreams.