Re marena

Re marena
Photo by Angel Luciano / Unsplash
This is dedicated to Chadwick Boseman. A real life superhero.

In Sesotho “Morena” describes someone in authority, a master or leader. Whether we decide to know it or not, we have this same authority over our own lives; within us, there is a king.

As Kings, we can choose to spread tyranny or freedom. We are bound to experience both in our lives, and to the same effect, we must decide which quality we will reflect back at the world. The ultimate freedom we stand to experience is rooted in our power to act, speak, or think as one wants. We can be fair and just Kings and allow these rights to ourselves, or we can be tyrants, refuse ourselves and build prisons.

Tyrants draw power from our belief that they can’t be overthrown. While the ability to influence the behaviour of others and the course of events is powerful, true power lies in our capacity to do and act in a particular way.

Ultimately, we can only have true sovereignty over ourselves. Our need to control the world is rooted in fear — self-mastery is driven by courage and confidence.

The world—internal and other—will forever be inhabited by tyrants, and our only task is to ensure that this force is forever met by those on the quest to spread freedom. Our courage to act in spite of fear inspires others to do the same, and that is what this world needs most. Action in the face of fear; freedom amidst tyranny.