Weekly Hello! #25 — AFK; 7 types of rest.

... Rest comes in various forms, and each plays a crucial role in our well-being. Just as I learned my lesson the hard way after a spicy chicken mishap, we can avoid similar mistakes by understanding the importance of different types of rest.

Weekly Hello! #24 — So disappointed

... I do not mention all of this to fearmonger; I'm truthfully terrified. I watched my grandma lose both legs and her vision, so the centimetre I have gained around my waist over the past 2 weeks is not just 1 centimetre, it's a plume of smoke.

Weekly Hello! #22 — Addiction vs Commitment!

... Maybe I'm overthinking things? What I know is, I don't want to exchange one prison for another, even if this new prison is lined with marble and gold. A life driven by compulsions is a poor life by most measures, and what I seek is freedom.