Misuse of emotion

“The rooms you fear to enter house the growth you seek.”

I sat on the balcony on a warm autumn afternoon, love beside me, birds perched above as some flew towards the trees below. Suddenly, I was overcome with existential dread; heat radiating from my solar plexus.

This emotion would usually send me towards seeking distraction, but awareness allowed me to pull away from reaching for my phone and instead sit in it. Enter the room.

Emotions are often neutral in their nature. Excitement and anxiety sit on the same coin, what we decide to do often deciding the side.

The further I walked into the room the more I saw it for what it was, a call to experience this moment for what it was. Bliss. What I chose to experience as anxiety of what could be taken away I could as easily experience as gratitude for what is.

Fear is a gift, as is anxiety, it brings us into the moment. When we create room to meet with them, we begin to make them allies. We begin to use them for their intended purpose of guiding us. Growing us into our ultimate form. An everpresent state of gratitude.