Weekly Hello! #9 — Interlude

Weekly Hello! #9 — Interlude
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This week was a false start. I first thought I’d recovered from the flu, only to begin suffering from what I believed were newly activated seasonal allergies. Which then turned into a bad fever, and only then was I on the mend. So a week later I can finally say I’m back to health and don’t have seasonal allergies.

Unfortunately, this means I have not managed to put much love into this issue, but we'll be back in full swing next week. In the meantime, here are some things I've been enjoying.

Monthly playlists

I've been compiling a monthly playlist since May. This is a hobby I've enjoyed since I was a teenager and it's amazing how each playlist can transport me back to the month it was created.

June Playlist
July Playlist

Fashion journalism

As part of a soon-to-be-announced venture, I've been increasing my understanding of the fashion industry. Here are some of my favourite fashion creators.

Bliss Foster on Jacquemus
Loic Prigent on Jacquemus

It's Corn

Lastly, but most importantly, the corn song. After one of the best interviews in existence was released a few weeks ago, the internet has done its magic and made some remixes. Listen to this song and try to be unhappy. I dare you!

Thanks for giving it a read! Talk soon 👋🏽