Weekly Hello! #6! — AFK

Weekly Hello! #6! — AFK
Thabang smiling while shucking oysters.

This week’s issue is a very brief one. The few minutes I’m spending writing this entry will have been the longest I’ve spent at the keyboard over the past 2 days, and the trend will continue for 3 more days.

AFK: abbreviation. (primarily used in texting and messaging) away from keyboard.

Me and my OH — Other Half — are busy being tourists in our own town. We started on Friday by shucking giant oysters and pairing them with some MCC. Saturday was for a swim at the bathhouse, walking dogs, and a picnic along the coast. As this issue hits your inbox we’ll be on a tram in Franschhoek, taking in both the views and the variety of wines on offer. I’d tell you what Monday and Tuesday offer, but that would spoil a few surprises.

I hope you’ll also be spending some time away from your devices, and making time to show yourself some love.

See you next week. Stay great!