Weekly Hello! #17 — Returning to a high!

Weekly Hello! #17 — Returning to a high!
Happy dog pawrents.

I sent out my last post approximately 6 months ago as I was pairing down all my commitments to maximise a very short list of priorities. I'm happy to share that most of them have come correct, with some simply being delayed.

Here are the highlights:

  1. I survived another April. The April of 2022 almost took me out, and I'm glad that I not only survived this April, but I am also thriving. I began seeing the light at the end of the tunnel around June 2022, and since then things have been on a constant climb.
  2. We didn't get into YC. I started a side project to help fulfil one of my bucket list items, "... to create dignified employment for 100 000 people". Things kicked off with some vigour but upon not being admitted to YC we were a bit deflated, even though we were adamant about not admitting it. But it turned out to be a blessing as it allowed us to go through more idea iteration and land upon something easier to start, I can't wait to do just that.
  3. We launched bash. As the Team Lead for the mobile app at bash — another win from the year — we launched the app that we'd spent ~18 months working on to some fan-fiar and hate. Another feather in my hat as a startup addict.
  4. Our family grew by 1. We got a puppy! After being denied a pet by our landlord for 2022, we persisted and got permission to get one when lease negotiations came about. We were lucky enough to find a cute toy pomeranian who my wife named, "Tshashu". This is Venda for, "Ours".
  5. I learned I was prediabetic. This may sound like bad news but I firmly believe in the adage, ".. what gets measured gets fixed." This finally gave me an answer to why I had gained more than 30 kg and 15% body fat over the past 3 years, regardless of the health measures I took. Since then, I started on insulin medicine and I have already lost 10KG with little to no changes to my lifestyle — more on that in a later post.

All this to say, I'm doing well and I hope you are too! I can't wait to connect more regularly once more. Be you, be great!