Weekly Hello! #16 — Reset.

Weekly Hello! #16 — Reset.
Enjoying a sunset by the promenade

Hey friend,

This is the third post of this kind in 2-months. I know myself pretty well; that pattern indicates a need for some evaluation of how my life is currently set up. But before that can proceed, I need to rest and reset.

I'm taking a short break from publishing here and elsewhere. Something easy to miss is how sharing our lives online filters how we proceed about things in our daily lives. There is much to be gathered from this activity if done well, but even then, it takes a toll.

Look after yourself; we'll connect soon.

— Thabang

Further reading

Thank you to everyone who shared their essay ideas at the appeal of last week's issue. Special shoutout to Lindwela for their exhaustive list of ideas; that level of engagement inspires me to keep sharing with deep consideration.

There's still time to submit your own suggestions; no idea is too simple or obvious.