Weekly Hello! #12 — Wholegrain leisure

Weekly Hello! #12 — Wholegrain leisure
A weekend well spent.

I’ve been developing an answer to a few questions that have plagued me through the weekend. In this demanding life I have been constructing, how do I use the weekends to recoup and recover? How do I avoid living for the weekend? How do I opt-out of having my peace sold back to me? My answer is wholegrain leisure.

But first, a few more questions. How many Mondays have you gone into feeling utterly lethargic? How many weekends have seemed to pass by in a moment, and why was that? Our experience of time is based on what fills those moments. Moments full of energy seem to pass by in a blink, yet they leave an indelible mark many days later. The opposite seems true of monotonous days, which extend forever into infinity, yet feel brief in retrospect. This is similar to how computers compress data; the more distinct the inputs, the larger the outputted file.

This past Saturday began as usual. I made some eggs and coffee, snuck in a short workout, and caught up on a bit of YouTube. Had it ended there, the day would have blended into many similar ones, but instead, I went with some friends in celebration of Negroni week. Those 6-hours spent in good conversation and high spirits — get it? High spirits? — it had me wake up on Sunday fearing that it was already Monday. The weekend had already been so filling.
The opposite, hours on TikTok and 4-hour naps, always leaves me feeling hungover from the week.

I’m not at all opposed to weekends spent in bed watching Netflix. I just know that it can’t be our only means of rest and recovery. A weekend spent investing in wholegrain recovery leaves you with echoes of joy throughout the week, it is an ever-present reminder of why we plant all week. We plant as to sow, not sleep beside the vines.

I hope you don’t get to read this essay the Sunday it was published. I hope like me, you’re too busy indulging in the harvest.

Off to a sunset walk along the promenade; see you next week 👋🏽

Further reading

  • I started a TikTok and it reminded me of why I enjoy documenting my life. If done correctly, without judgment, it forces us to be present.
Screenshot of TikTok: tiktok.com/@tseboho
  • I found a great playlist maker / DJ, Bobby Nsenga. He makes curates music for rest and joy. If you’re into the Jazzy-RnB-HipHop sounds of Soulection, you will love his playlists.
r&b playlist by Bobby Nsenga