Weekly Hello! #1 — Cost of admission

Weekly Hello! #1 — Cost of admission
Someone with half your IQ is making 10x as you because they aren't smart enough to doubt themselves.

The above tweet reminded me of a recent recurring conversation, “is all this awareness worth it?” The stress and strain of striving? The self-doubt that comes with bearing witness to the distance between the current and future you? All this weight, is it worth being perceived? I believe it is.

Imagine a child, climbing trees and jumping off tables with boundless amounts of confidence. Their potential seems to stretch across all avenues, paired with enough energy for an army. So much can be learned and achieved during these times, but it often lacks much appreciation. It’s not that they do not deserve the fruits of their labour, it's that they have not developed their ability to taste.

When you sit to eat at a renowned fine dining establishment for the first time, you are likely to have one of two reactions after the meal: these portions are too small, pretentious and overpriced. Or, you might be able to realise that you are being taken on a journey, perhaps begin to notice how each serving seems to build atop the previous, all culminating into a crescendo.

There is a certain sensitivity that is required in order to fully taste the experience of becoming who you are, and it has a cost of admission. It is the difference between arriving at the top of the mountain via cable-car, versus touching your feet on the hill face. Life is often an arduous journey, and this is by design, it allows us the opportunity to triumph over ourselves. The only worthwhile personal pursuit. A pursuit which is only possible to engage in, and enjoy, once you become aware of what is at stake.

Thank you for being here; see you soon.