How lucky are we?

Not so many years ago, if I wanted to send a weekly letter to 200 people it would be close to impossible if I wasn't born into money or ran a sizeable company. Now for only R150 per month, I can do just that — how lucky is that?

A consistent theme for me in the past week has been luck. What is it? How do we make more of it? To whom do we owe it?

I don't have any definitive answers for those questions, but what I do know is that luck increases with the effort and exposure you apply to yourself or your ideas.

Further reading

The Success Paradox by Derek Muller

Australian YouTuber, Derek Muller is better known for his masterful and entertaining Physics and Chemistry explainer videos. This time he points his storytelling and research skills towards defining success. This will likely be the best video you watch this week.