Heaven or Hell?

Heaven or Hell?
Photo by Dan Meyers / Unsplash

This blog post is a response to my newsletter titled, who are you?, where I challenge myself — and you, if you accept the challenge — to write out how my Heaven & Hell look and use those images to identify which path I’m on — which identity do I embody at this moment and decide which I will be going forward.


  • I wake up without an alarm. My sleep schedule is regular and my body clock thanks me for it.
  • The sun has yet to rise, giving me enough time to slip into my robe and meditate.
  • I finish my meditation and start on coffee as the sun greets me through the tall kitchen windows. The rays warm my face — feeling me with gratitude.
  • I start my day with morning pages. Jotting out thoughts and ideas into my 2nd brain.
  • I have 2 studios, one at home, which is where I am writing my morning pages. The second is near a town, where I meet and work with my clan.
  • After writing, I slip into workout clothes and train 1 of 3 disciplines for an upcoming Iron Man.
  • My workday starts at 10 with a catchup with the team.
  • We work on projects built to make the world a better place.
  • My surroundings are inspiring and the people passionate.
  • Each and every day is full of passion and peace.
  • At the end of the day, I wave off my team and head home.
  • Home is full of love and warm food.
  • We share stories from our days over a meal.
  • Following the hours of laughter and bonding, I sit down for a second stint of writing, this time for an upcoming book I’m working on.
  • I end my day filled with peace, love and fulfilment.
  • I have 3 more of these days as I have a 4 day work week.
  • The rest of my time is spent making art — music, photography, painting, writing — and being loved ones.


  • Hell is less vivid and is best described as being the opposite of heaven.
  • Hell is having a mind perpetually scanning the future for happiness and peace.
  • Hell is not making time for my family and myself.
  • Hell is being in bad health.
  • Hell is living my life pursuing pleasures that mask that I am without peace.

At the core of these ideas is the pursuit of freedom — freedom of time, freedom from limiting beliefs, freedom to be at peace. The duty that now lies before me is to ensure that my life today and for the rest of my life reflects this truth.

How I decide to spend my time will determine how quick my approach will be — will my days be spent in the pursuit of pleasures or peace? — and on a day full of intention and truth I feel heaven all around me.