Day 3 — Track-record

Day 3 — Track-record
Workout log after a push day!

I’ve often found it difficult to remember the good times, so much so that I try to screenshot most celebratory moments and put them in a folder on my desktop. I’ve rarely gone through this folder, but each time that I have I've gotten an uber dose of serotonin. One area that has profited the most from keeping track of my wins has been strength training.

I have logged nearly every strength training workout I’ve had since December of 2018. This has not only allowed me to keep track of my progress, but it has also served as a reminder of what I’m capable of, even after a long layoff.
There have been many moments where I approached a workout with doubt, that is of course until I put the workout into the app and see how the pre-filled amounts are much larger than the weights before me. The amount of confidence that has washed over me upon realising that not only have I done this weight before but that I've excelled at it is difficult to put into words!

Having data that proves that you are more capable than you remember is truly remarkable and  I highly doubt I would have been able to keep such long-lived and useful records with a pen and paper. It's difficult to compete with the ease of use and consistency offered by mobile apps, those qualities are what drew me into learning mobile development.

The knowledge that it is possible to build a tool that someone can have on them at all times, has convinced me that one day I will build something that will bring as much peace and delight to someone else's life as my workout app has. brought into mine.