A new chapter begins

A new chapter begins
Photo by Braden Collum / Unsplash

For the past 5 days I’ve felt like the luckiest man alive, not only because yesterday was my birthday and I was treated to the very best experiences and showered with love, but because I was in an almost gravely car accident on the 14th — I’m okay, I promise.

It's day 2 of 365 and I already have 2 new beginnings; as you might remember from my midyear review and reset, today is the first day of my #75hard challenge! I'm a bit nervous about the prospect of unrelenting discipline for 75 days straight, but that's how I know it's an important challenge to overcome.

Another challenge, or rather an opportunity, that I’m starting today is a new job; I'm joining the TFG Labs team!

TFG Labs aligns with many of my curiosities and personal missions — what would happen if you had scale and capital meet innovation and drive? It looks like a rising tide! You know what they say about rising tides, they raise all ships. The opportunity is not only in getting to be part of creating a leading omnichannel experience but also getting to pave the way for digital transformation at scale.

The next few months are about to be a rollercoaster ride and I can already hear the clacking of the wheels on the track.