Weekly Hello! #22 — Addiction vs Commitment!

... Maybe I'm overthinking things? What I know is, I don't want to exchange one prison for another, even if this new prison is lined with marble and gold. A life driven by compulsions is a poor life by most measures, and what I seek is freedom.

Weekly Hello! #20 — Wins!

... The greatest utility of this process isn't that it serves as a repository of self-congratulatory screenshots, it's instead how it has honed my awareness of things to be grateful for in my daily life...

Weekly Hello! #19 — Intention vs Intellect

... You might be thinking, "Well, it's already May, I'll have to wait till December to try this." NO! Do it today, this week, this month, or next month! Your year begins when you decide! I did mine in mid-April and it was just in time.

Weekly Hello! #18 — The thing with defaults

... Lower the friction to performing the habit and reduce the intensity of a repetition. Take exercise as an example; I have lowered the friction by defining a workout not only by a visit to the gym but by any method of movement I can accomplish within 15 minutes.